Wendy Owen elected to SCSC Steering Committee

Wendy Owen, a Research Associate of the Regulation & Policy group has been elected as a Steering Committee member of the Safety-Critical Systems Club (SCSC). Within SCSC, she is currently the Task Group lead for risk evaluation and assessment (REA) in the Security-Informed Safety Working Group (SiSWG) and is also contributing to the club’s 30th anniversary publication.

The SCSC Steering Group (SG) exists to guide the Club’s operations team on all aspects of the Club’s activities and events. The SG meets regularly online to discuss Club business. Wendy was selected for this position as the SCSC were specifically looking for someone currently working in the nuclear energy sector.

The SCSC is the UK’s leading professional network for sharing knowledge about system safety. It brings together engineers and specialists from a range of disciplines and industries working in system safety, academics researching the arena of system safety, providers of the tools and services that are needed to develop the systems, and the regulators who oversee safety.

The SCSC provides seminars, workshops, and tutorials throughout the year, with a three-day annual Safety-Critical Systems Symposium in February.

Congratulations to Wendy for being elected into the SCSC Steering Group.

Read more at the Safety-Critical Systems Club website: https://scsc.uk/