Welcome, Sediqa Jalali, to the NFI!

A new member of staff

We are thrilled to have Sediqa Jalali joining our team as a clerical officer. Hailing from Afghanistan, Sediqa is a Farsi speaker with an education background in Business Administration (BBA degree). She graduated from the Peshgam Institute of Higher Education in 2015.


Sediqa's Profile

A photo of Sediqa Jalali

Sediqa Jalali

Sediqa Jalali has a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree and graduated from Peshgam Institute of Higher Education in 2015. Her primary duties as a clerical officer are to assist the NFI in their daily activities and offer support for students and staff. Sediqa possesses over 10 years of strategic management, managerial, administrative, project management, and human resources experience.


We are really looking forward to working with Sediqa in our growing team at the Nuclear Futures Institute.  Sediqa will cover for Emily Robinson, who has recently left for maternity leave.