Uranium Science 2023

Last week (5th-7th July 2023), the Uranium Science international Conference was held at the Henry Royce Institute at the University of Manchester. NFI staff and students, who are working on fuel-related projects, attended the conference to share the results of their current research, learn of the work that is being carried out by other institutions, and network with others working in the same field.

Post-doctoral researcher, Dr Ritesh Mohun presented his work on CrUO4 and AlUO4 doped UO2 in an oral presentation, a session which was also chaired by our own Prof Simon Middleburgh.

Ritesh ready to give his oral presentation, and Simon Middleburgh chairing the session.

There were also poster presentations from Dr Ritesh Mohun and Dr Robert Annewandter, as well as from PhD students Cintia Leite Goncalves and Sarah Vallely. Cintia’s poster detailed the computational methods she is using to understand the thermal conductivity of UN, in addition to current progress she has made with her research. Sarah presented her poster on an investigation she is conducting into the effect of UO2 stoichiometry on grain growth in Cr-doped UO2.

Cintia presenting her poster on the thermal conductivity of UN.
Sarah presenting her poster on the effects of grain growth in Cr-doped UO2.

The conference dinner, held at the Manchester Museum, was a great opportunity for staff and students to make new connections and build on already existing ones. During the dinner, Sarah also received 2nd place for her poster. NFI attendees thoroughly enjoyed their time in Manchester, and are looking forward to attending the next Uranium Science conference in 2 years time!