Non-destructive examination of the SALIENT-01 molten fuel salt irradiation

Ralph Hania

Sander van Til, Dirk Visser

NRG, JRC Karlsruhe


Four graphite crucibles filled with 78LiF-22ThF4 salt have been irradiated in the High Flux Reactor in Petten in the period August 2017 – August 2019. Goal of the experiment was (1) to gain experience in designing a molten-fuel experiment and handling fluoride fuel salts before and after irradiation, and (2) to investigate the possible relocation of fission products and their chemistry during normal operation and under accident conditions in which temperatures would become much higher. The salt samples for this irradiation experiment were synthesized and purified by JRC Karlsruhe, and the experiment was assembled at NRG Petten.  In this contribution we would like to share the first results from non-destructive post-irradiation examinations. Gamma spectrometry was performed to visualize the location of gamma-emitting species, and plenum gas pressure and composition were determined to quantify fission gas release. The results give a picture of fission product behavior that is in line with observations by Oak Ridge National Lab (US) from the 1960s.

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Wednesday – 15th September 2021
Ralph Hania