JRCMSD – Thermodynamic Database on Molten Salt Reactor Fuel

Ondrej Benes

R. J. M. Konings

European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Karlsruhe


JRCMSD is an extensive database on reference thermodynamic data describing the key halide systems considered for the molten salt reactor technology. It describes the main chloride and fluoride fuel systems, but also addresses the influence of corrosion and fission products that accumulate during reactor operation within the fuel mixture. The full database package is being constantly developed via international collaboration and will be available soon via open JRC platform. Today it provides description of more than 80 binary systems and in this paper we will provide short introduction to the database plus we will demonstrate selected key applications of the database towards the fuel mixture optimization, fuel properties predictions as well we will address the use of the database to simulate the fuel behaviour under accidental scenarios.

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Wednesday – 15th September 2021
Ondrej Benes