PhD Opportunity: Tritium Production and Fusion Power

This project would aim to investigate the feasibility of producing tritium on the industrial scale that would be required to support the deployment of fusion power so that FPPs would not have to breed their own tritium. The longer-term vision is for the UK to create a tritium production industry that could service both the UK and global FPP industry need. In the shorter term it is recognised that STEP, other UK and international small spherical Tokamak reactors and private fusion endeavours will need tritium supplies for their early year.


Simon Middleburgh talks Nuclear Fusion breakthrough on BBC Radio Wales

Ser Cymru Reader, Dr Simon Middleburgh was invited to share his opinions and insights on this news on the BBC Radio Wales Drivetime Show - Radio Wales Drive. Simon discussed how this breakthrough would be a "major springboard" to future experiments and a confirmation that all of the science and engineering work that has gone into making fusion a possiblity over the past few decades is indeed viable and that exciting times are ahead of us in the world of nuclear science.

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Simon at MiNES 2021

Simon Middleburgh makes Advanced Technology Fuels presentation at the MiNES 2021 Conference

The MiNES (Materials in Nuclear Energy Systems) 2021 conference was held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Run by TMS (The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society), the MiNES conference serves as a professional destination for the fission reactor materials community to share their latest research and developments in the field. As part of the fuels and actinide materials fabrication methods session, Simon made a presentation on the current research being conducted in Advanced Technology Fuel (ATF) accelerated development at Bangor University.


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