New particle sizer is ready for use at the NFI Labs

A new particle sizer is ready to use at the Nuclear Futures Institute of Bangor University! The Horiba LA-960V2 is a laser scattering particle size distribution analyser. Our acquisition of the particle sizer was made possible because of an EPSRC grant Simon Middleburgh received to build the new Bangor University Fuel Fabrication Facility (BUFFF) - a new NNUF User Facility.

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The decomposition temperature range of the high entropy hydride and the effect on dissolution temperatures for interstitials "trapped" by adjacent vacancies

PhD Student Chris Moore Publishes New HEA Paper

Christopher Moore, a 2nd year PhD student with the Nuclear Futures Institute has published a paper titled “Hydrogen accommodation in the TiZrNbHfTa high entropy alloy”. High entropy alloys and their hydrides are a new type of material and this paper works to provide a better understanding of how these systems behave at the atomic level. Read more at


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