Mustafa Bolukbasi

PhD Student

Mustafa completed his Applied Metallurgical and Materials Engineering education in Turkey. During this time, he worked with a range of techniques including Non-Destructive testing of aviation materials in “Turkish Technic”. After this he worked in the architectural aluminium industry as a quality engineer. During which time, he gained experience in both metallography and surface quality. Later, he started his academic career and studied microstructural and mechanical behaviour of nickel-based superalloys whilst completing his masters education.

After completing his masters degree, he was awarded a scholarship by the Ministry of National Education of the Turkish Republic to fund his PhD studies. He commenced his PhD studies, when he joined the Nuclear Futures Institute in March 2020.

Mustafa’s PhD will last three years and will consider the differences between the nuclear fuel cycles currently used by several nuclear reactors, their regulatory constraints, and their theoretical economic impact.

Supervised by: Dr. Simon Middleburgh