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Dr. Marcus Dahlfors

Reader in Nuclear Engineering

Having initially worked on a consultancy basis for Nuclear Futures Bangor in late 2019, Marcus joined officially as Reader in Nuclear Engineering from the new year 2020.

He has a background of 23 years in the nuclear energy and closely related research. While in academia his research was focused on accelerator driven systems (sub-critical, source-driven fast reactors) for transmutation of nuclear waste, most of the research performed at CERN and culminating in his PhD defense at Uppsala University in 2006. During his 17 years in nuclear industry, Marcus has concerned himself with Light Water Reactor physics methods development and a broad range of their application. He also worked in operating nuclear power plants (NPP), primarily with physics predictions in combination with reactor core measurements and monitoring – but also in a variety of other settings like radiochemistry, waste handling and radiation protection. 

Marcus moved from Sweden in 2016 to work as the Senior Core Design Engineer iHorizon Nuclear Power‘s new build project to deploy Hitachi-GE’s UK ABWR. Central to his role were specialist support for physics and fuels aspects in the Generic Design Assessment process, which was concluded by the Office for Nuclear Regulation in the end of 2017. He also took part in Horizon’s plant optimisation effort providing Boiling Water Reactor power uprate expertise for the Nuclear Steam Supply System. Before project suspension in early 2019, Marcus was to take up the duty of Lead Fault Studies Engineer. Between Horizon and joining Bangor, Marcus was engaged in a project for Moltex Energy working with their Stable Salt Reactor design.  

After joining Nuclear Futures Bangor, Marcus grasped the opportunity to apply for a Welsh Government equipment grant to kick-start experimental thermal-hydraulics activities at M-SParc with the expressed purpose to pave the ground for a national facility. The first water loop to be built will be a Thermal-Hydraulics Open-access Research facility – THOR.

Currently, Marcus is also absorbed with finding the right computational tools for his group – both Reactor Design and Thermal-Hydraulics are calculation intensive disciplines. His vision is for the group to excel in applying state-of-the-art predictive modelling methods to live reactor and general multi-phase fluid systems, while integrating with the purpose to develop adaptive logic systems that interact with process instrumentation and readout.  In an extension, these techniques can be applied to monitor operation margins and, for non-safety intensive operational actions, control processes.

Marcus brings a wealth of experience from the nuclear industry having previously worked for major nuclear companies. He has assumed both theoretical specialist and operations related roles at Westinghouse ElectricVattenfall Forsmark NPPOlkiluoto NPP and Loviisa NPP. The NPPs he worked at house some of the world’s absolutely top performing units. For Westinghouse, he supported customers in Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, the US, Spain and Japan. While his foremost focus has resided with boiling water reactors, he is also familiar with western pressurised water reactor, eastern VVER and a variety of fast reactor designs.