Delissa Majobenganwa Mamba

PhD Student

Delisa joined the NFI in November 2023. His research focuses on developing a framework for uncertainty/ sensitivity analysis on fast spectrum molten salt reactor. The analysis of Molten Salt Reactors (MSRs) during steady or transient states requires addressing unique multi-physics challenges, which are not found in any other reactor concept with solid fuel. The challenges relate to the coupling between thermal-hydraulic/fluid dynamics, neutronics, inventory control and species distribution.

The modelling complexity makes uncertainty quantification challenging. The ever-changing state of the MSR core creates a distributed source of uncertainties across the core. The link between the physical properties of the coolant-fuel is strongly coupled with the nuclear data associated with the isotopes circulating in the core are not well-known.

The aim of his work is to develop an uncertainty quantification method which is suitable for use in the frame of molten salt reactor design. A specific focus will be put on evaluating the coupled term of uncertainties stemming from the movement of delayed neutrons precursors inside the reactor. Previous works assumed static conditions neglecting the fuel motion through the core, which can significantly alter the results obtained in an MSR.