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Celt Griffith

PhD Student

Celt Griffith completed an integrated master’s degree in physics from Cardiff University in 2021, having earned the Vera Rubin award for consistent work for the university.

Celt’s work is focused on researching corrosion/erosion effects of molten lead, working on BULLET at MSparc, where different samples will be tested for corrosion resistance.

This project aims to find materials and lead environments that allow the use of new, efficient,  generation IV lead cooled fast reactors (LFR) for use in power generation.

Previously, Celt conducted a project researching into distributed Bragg reflectors, and their uses. Celt then moved on into researching the behaviour of light in multimode interferometers (MMI), and how they are used. After completing his integrated master’s degree, Celt went on to work as a teacher for two years, where valuable presentation skills and working under pressure were developed and will prove essential for work in research and in the field of nuclear physics.