Reactor Design & Thermal Hydraulics

Thermal Hydraulics

The Reactor Design and Thermal Hydraulics (RDTH) group was established in late 2019. Like the rest of NFI, it operates with the support of the Sêr Cymru programme.

RDTH emphasises Reactor Physics in practical plant operation and core monitoring. Thermal-Hydraulics (T/H) is therefore devoted particular focus within the group’s activities.

Much of our efforts are currently directed towards the ambitious THOR project, which will produce a UK unique T/H research facility.  

Meet the Team

Dr. Marat Margulis

Marat is lecturer in Thermal Hydraulics and Reactor Design.

Dr. Walter Villanueva

Walter is Reader in Nuclear Engineering

Postdoctoral Research Associates and Fellows

Dr. Jivan Khatry

Jivan has experience with modelling radiation heat transfer and using the RELAP5-3D software package.

Dr. Jinfeng Li

Jinfeng has backgrounds in reactor physics, microwave engineering, and power electronics.

A list of our PhD, MRes and placement students, past and present can be found here.