Postdocs in Nuclear Energy (PiNE)

The next PiNE2021 face-to-face meeting will be hosted and organised by Nuclear Futures at Bangor.

We look forward to seeing you in North Wales in 2021!

The virtual PiNE2020 meeting took place on 30th September and was led by the Nuclear Futures Institute, Bangor University.

The final program is available here


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The PINE2020 meeting offered a great opportunity for post-doctoral or equivalent level researchers to share and discuss their scientific work, facilitate collaborative endeavours,   and    learn    what   else   is   ongoing  in   the nuclear  research community.

A range of speakers from the nuclear  energy  sector  gave  presentations offering career advice and insights into the future of nuclear energy research in the UK. 

The meeting will be held using an online webinar facility in response to COVID-19.

Please e-mail to should you have any enquires in regards PiNE meeting.

PINE2020/2021 are organized by Nuclear Futures Bangor.

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