Nuclear Instrumentation and Control Engineering

The Nuclear Instrumentation and Control Engineering (NICE) group was established in early 2021 due to the support of the Sêr Cymru programme and is led by Dr. Hafiz Ahmed. NICE focuses on developing artificial intelligence assisted advanced instrumentation and control solution across the whole spectrum of nuclear energy supply chain.

Our research is focused primarily in three areas:

  1. Development of data-driven control and health monitoring systems for next generation nuclear reactors.
  2. Integration of artificial intelligence techniques for secure and resilient operation of nuclear energy systems.
  3. Integration of nuclear energy in a more renewable (i.e. inverter-interfaced) electric power grid.

Meet the Team

Hafiz Ahmed

Dr. Hafiz Ahmed

The group is led by Dr Hafiz Ahmed, Sêr Cymru Lecturer in Nuclear Instrumentation and Control Engineering.

Postdoctoral Research Associates and Fellows

Dr. Abiodun Ayodeji

Abiodun has extensive experience in the application of machine learning algorithms for the safety and security of nuclear energy and aerospace engineering systems. His current research is focused on artificial intelligence-enhanced process control and health monitoring.