New Publications with Collaborators at KTH and Westinghouse on Advanced Technology Fuels

The Nuclear Futures Institute are very pleased to announce TWO new publications written in collaboration with KTH in Sweden and Westinghouse Electric. Both were published in the Journal of Nuclear Materials focused on two leading Advanced Technology Fuel (ATF) concepts.

1. “Oxidation of UN/U2N3-UO2 composites: an evaluation of UO2 as an oxidation barrier for the nitride phases” investigates a new, high thermal conductivity, high uranium density fuel that co-author Dr Simon Middleburgh patented.

2. “Accommodation and diffusion of Nd in uranium silicide – U3Si2” investigates a range of mechanisms by which a burnup indicator behaves within this ATF concept – this allows us to measure how much uranium has been consumed.

Scanning electron microscope image of UN-UO2 composite.