New Nuclear research collaboration between Bangor University and University of New Brunswick

On the 4th March 2020, Bangor University and the University of New Brunswick (Canada) signed a letter of intent to build research links between the two institutions. We hope this signifies the start  of a fruitful research collaboration between Wales in Canada in Nuclear Energy Research.
Bangor and University of New Brunswick sign letter of intent

Prof. Willy Cook (UNB) and Prof. Paul Spencer (Bangor) signal the intention for greater collaboration between Wales and Canada in Nuclear energy research. Front: Prof. Willy Cook (UNB) & Prof. Paul Spencer (Bangor). Back: Wyn Roberts, (head of nuclear supply chains, Welsh Government), Brett Plummer (VP nuclear & chief nuclear officer, NB Power) & Dr. Marcus Dahlfors (Sêr Cymru Reader in reactor engineering)

Press Release:

Universities from Wales and Canada have joined forces to develop pioneering nuclear technologies together.

Bangor University, in North Wales, and the University of New Brunswick (UNB), in Canada, are to begin collaborating on new energy sources.

The two world-leading institutions say their partnership will help develop affordable, small-scale power plants: so-called ‘small modular reactors’.

It will also allow easy movement of students and academics between Wales and Canada.

Professor Bill Lee from the Nuclear Futures Institute at Bangor University said:
“The institute has been formed as part of the Welsh Government Ser Cymru initiative to bring the very best researchers to Wales and grow new talent in the region.

“The choice of nuclear energy research as a theme was part of the university’s drive to ensure research which is highly relevant to the regional economy.  

“Similarly, the University of New Brunswick has a historical background of supporting nuclear technology in the province.

 “We’re now looking forward to working with our colleagues in Canada to help develop clean, safe, energy which will be essential if the world is to move away from fossil fuels.”

“Additionally, those studying engineering at Bangor and the University of New Brunswick are set to become some of the world’s most knowledgeable students in this area,” Prof Lee added.

The two universities recently signed an official letter of intent – expressing their desire to work together on future projects at the Canada-UK Nuclear Energy Summit.

Professor William Cook, Director of the Centre for Nuclear Energy Research at UNB, said: “Given the similarity between our two institutions, regions and countries there are clear opportunities for collaboration in this cutting-edge field.

“Over the coming weeks, months and years our organisations will work together, with the support of our respective governments to develop a supportive working relationship to achieve a set of common goals.”

Professor Paul Spencer, Dean of College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering at Bangor University, added:
“Together our universities will be at the very forefront of nuclear technology – it is a very exciting time for us all, and for our regions.”