MUZIC-3/MIDAS Joint Conference

In light of COVID-19, the MUZIC-3/MIDAS joint conference was hosted virtually between the 10th and 16th of September, instead of the original plans to host a face-to-face meeting at Bangor University.

Academics and industrial partners discussed further advancements in the Mechanistic Understanding of Zirconium In Corrosion (MUZIC) and the Mechanistic Understanding of Irradiation Damage in Fuel ASsemblies (MIDAS), which included two presentations from Megan Owen and Gareth Stephens on their current research.

Megan presented her current research on ‘The Role of Alloying Elements on Grain Boundary Structure’, alongside Gareth who presented his current research on ‘Complex Grain Boundary Behaviour in ZrO₂ – Impact of Coolant Chemistry on Corrosion’

The next face to face meeting will be in Summer 2021, where further updates on zirconium based projects will be given, showcasing our research at Bangor University.