Megan Owen

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Megan Owen

PhD Student

Megan completed her degree in Electronic Engineering B.Eng at Bangor University before joining the Materials in Extreme Environments research group in August 2019 as a Ph.D. student. Her Ph.D. project focuses on the corrosion of zirconium alloys used within the nuclear industry and the possible role of alloying elements on grain boundary complexions.

Theoretical and experimental methods will be used throughout this project, allowing for initial hypotheses obtained from simulations to be backed up experimentally. The project that Megan is focusing on is supported by Westinghouse Sweden AB and KESS 2, and is a part of the MUZIC-3 project (Mechanistic Understanding of ZIrconium Corrosion). Through participation of this project, a further understanding of zirconium corrosion can be obtained to try and develop materials for improved performance. 

Alongside her studies, Megan is a keen STEM ambassador for the University, for both the Electronic Engineering department and the Nuclear Futures group. She is an active member of the University, organising events that aim to encourage and enthuse students into STEM subjects by showing them the vast opportunities within the STEM subject fields. Megan is also a part of the Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Team for the Electronic Engineering and Computer Science department to try and promote gender equality among the subject areas. 

Supervised by: Dr. Simon Middleburgh