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Alexander Lin-Vines

Alex Lin-Vines
Alexander conducted an MRes studentship with the NFI,  studying high entropy alloys to produce 5+ element metallic materials for nuclear fusion applications. 

Alex graduated in early 2022 and started his career with a nuclear fusion company soon after.

Joe Pollard

Joe Pollard

Joe Pollard joined our research as a summer intern in 2019 to investigate the high-level waste immobilisation into ceramic phases. Joe synthesized and analyzed pellets of Synroc (which are synthetic counterparts of naturally observed waste forms). Additionally, Joe performed density functional theory (DFT) calculations to determine incorporation energies of waste products into different phases, confirming experimental results.

He returned in the Autumn of 2019 to do his final year Masters research project with us. During this time he investigated the synthesis of new plasma-facing materials (that could potentially be used within nuclear fusion reactors), combining practical laboratory techniques and theoretical calculations. 

Nuclear Energy Futures CDT LogoJoe successfully completed his studies at Bangor and continuing on the theme he started with us has moved to Imperial College in London to start a PhD (Autumn 2020) in fusion materials sponsored by Tokamak Energy. He will be conducting this through the Nuclear Energy Futures Centre for Doctoral training. Bangor is a constituent member of this CDT so we hope that we’ll be able to keep up with Joe in the coming years.