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Dr Lee J. Evitts MInstP

Sêr Cymru Research Fellow

Lee studied as an undergraduate at the University of Surrey pursuing a Master of Physics (MPhys).  As part of the MPhys degree, Lee spent a year in research at Canada’s national laboratory for nuclear physics (TRIUMF).  At TRIUMF Lee was instrumental in designing and developing a spectrometer for the measurement of internal conversion electrons which are released following a nuclear reaction.  This was accomplished through particle-tracking simulations and finite element analysis, modelling magnetic fields and temperature gradients.

Lee then later returned to TRIUMF to complete a Ph.D. in experimental nuclear physics and collaborated with the Australian National University in a number of experiments including the structure of stable nickel isotopes and the linewidth of the Hoyle state.  It was at TRIUMF where Lee developed extensive knowledge of nuclear physics, acquisition systems, radiation detectors, computer programming and modelling.  Whilst at TRIUMF Lee also aided in the commissioning of a spectrometer that is now being successfully used in experimental campaigns to probe the underlying nuclear structure of radioactive isotopes. 

Currently, Lee is a Sêr Cymru Research Fellow at Nuclear Futures Bangor, specialising in modelling the electron and phonon transport through nuclear materials under extreme environments.