Dr. Cillian Cockrell

Lecturer of Mechanical Engineering

Dr Cillian Cockrell was appointed lecturer of mechanical engineering in July 2024.

Before joining Bangor, he was a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Materials in Imperial College London and in the School of Physical and Chemical Sciences at Queen Mary University of London, where he also completed his PhD.

His research interests are in using statistical mechanics to better understand macroscopic and emergent phenomena from materials to biophysics and theoretical ecology. He predominantly focuses on using atomistic simulations to probe phases of matter and the transitions between them in order to guide experiments and materials design.

Using molecular dynamics simulations, he has mapped out the phase diagram beyond the liquid-gas critical point in order to identify and elucidate the many unique and previously unknown properties of this fascinating state of matter with many industrial applications.

Using non-equilibrium molecular dynamics simulations, he studied the response to radiation of non-crystalline materials in collaboration with the Indian Department of Atomic Energy. 

He has also lent his expertise to the International Atomic Energy Agency in delivering workshops on nuclear materials simulation and as a co-author on a technical document on best practises in nuclear materials research.

More recently he has turned his interest in disordered materials towards applications in molten salt nuclear reactors and in the nature of vitreous and supercooled liquid states and the glass transition. He has a long-standing interest in using multiscale modelling and high performance computing to quantitatively “bridge the gap” between micro- and macroscale phenomena.