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Come and join Nuclear Futures at Bangor University. Here is a list of current studentships for which you can apply.

MRes - Fusion Fuel Cycle

Energy from nuclear fusion is the result of the fusion of light atoms such as the isotopes of hydrogen –  deuterium (2H) and tritium (3H). The most favoured fusion reaction is the so-called D-T reaction which fuses  2H (D) and 3H (T) to produce 4He and a neutron (plus a staggering 17.6 MeV of kinetic energy). The D-D reaction fuses 2H and 2H atoms and releases 3.3/4.0 MeV, which although still remarkably high, is considerably less than the D-T reaction. We are very pleased to be able to offer an MRes studentship studying the fusion fuel-cycle.

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Evectek MRes Studentships (paid, 1 year) - Available now

Advert ImageWe are very pleased to be able to offer an MRes position in partnership with Evectek.

Evectek are a company developing technology to enable zero emission vehicles. This MRes provides a great chance to work with Evectek’s engineers and the materials group at Bangor University

This studentship is being run through the KESS 2 scheme. This means that students will receive payment to perform a year’s research, culminating in the award of a Masters in Research degree. The research project will be carried out collaboratively with Evectek who see these masters as a good way of training the engineers and scientists they would like to employ in the near future.

Electricity from heat – energy reclamation for automotive applications

The subject of this MRes is to find ways to directly convert waste heat into electricity that can then be used to extend the range of electric vehicles.

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If you have any questions email: Dr. Michael Rushton

Candidates with a background in engineering, physics, materials, chemistry or related disciplines are encouraged to apply.

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