Good News: The NFI Welcomes New Team Members and Research Group


Once again, the Nuclear Futures Institute has expanded with new staff members and the launch of a new research group.

The NFI happily welcomes Dr Hafiz Ahmed to the team, who will lead the group’s research efforts in the field of Nuclear Instrumentation and Control Engineering (NICE) – this is the newest Nuclear Futures research group. The NFI is excited about what advances will be made in the domains of AI, sensing, control-theory, robotics for the nuclear installations of today and tomorrow.

We would also like to extend a warm welcome to Dr P. John Thomas, who will serve as Chief Technician.

We wish the warmest of welcomes to our new post-doctoral research associates. Firstly, Prince Rautiyal’s interests include nuclear materials for industry and glasses/ceramics for nuclear waste immobilization. Prince will be joining the Materials research group as PDRA in functional materials for sensing in harsh environments.

Dr Fiona Pearce has also joined the group as a PDRA in the Nuclear Medicine group — she will further the group’s research efforts with her knowledge of radiation detection and novel applications of radioisotopes.

Dr Jivan Khatry also joins the Reactor Design & Thermal Hydraulics research group.

The Reactor Design & Thermal Hydraulics group is also joined by Dr Jinfeng Li. Jinfeng has backgrounds in reactor physics and power electronics and his research interests including using sensor system development for reactor thermal-hydraulic facilities.

Best of luck to all of the new members of the Nuclear Futures Institute team.