Michael Rushton gives Co-Generation talk as COP Cymru Panellist

As part of the COP 26 Regional Roadshow, a COP Cymru panel hosted by radio and television presenter Lisa Gwylim, addressed how Welsh science is world-leading in addressing the biggest challenges facing the planet’s climate. The panel session focussed on our ambitious commitments to decarbonise the economies of the United Kingdom – energy production, storage and transportation will require significant changes if we are to meet our net-zero emissions targets.

The COP Cymru panel featured Dr Aisha Bello-Dambatta of Bangor University, Dr Michael Rushton of the Nuclear Futures Institute at Bangor University, Professor Ian Masters of Swansea University, Dr Jenny Baker of Swansea University and Gemma Veneruso of Bangor University.

The panellists showcased their research in technologies that could play a significant role to achieve our net-zero targets. The technologies and strategies discussed by the panel were:

  • Waste water heat recovery systems
  • Nuclear co-generation
  • Innovations in tidal energy technologies
  • The recovery of rare materials for use in batteries
  • Minimising the impact of renewable power on wildlife
An image to show the panel members.
The COP Cymru Panel at M-SParc

Michael’s presentation discussed how co-generation – the simultaneous production of electricity and heat, where both of which are used – could be utilised by nuclear to decarbonise more than just electricity. Co-generation seeks to increase the efficiency of thermal generating methods such as nuclear by taking the heat that was once ‘waste heat’ and using it for something beneficial such as steelmaking, aluminium production, or hydrogen gas production.

Watch the video on demand here: https://freshwater.eventscase.com/EN/COPCymru21/On-demand