CDT Nuclear Fuel Cycle Course Starts at Bangor

The Nuclear Energy Futures Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) has begun its lecture series on the Nuclear Fuel Cycle.

Dr. Simon Middleburgh and Prof. Ian Farnan (University of Cambridge) are providing an online lecture series discussing the nuclear fuel cycle from extraction to disposal/recycling. 

On Monday 27th July, Prof. Farnan gave the first lecture, describing the details and interesting features of actinide chemistry and how it relates to uranium extraction. On Wednesday 29th July, Dr. Simon Middleburgh will give a fully loaded lecture on uranium enrichment, fuel performance and fuel design. Normally, the lecture series would be given as a residential course at Bangor University, but due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, we are delivering the course remotely.

Later on in the series, guest lecturers Antoine Claisse and Mattias Puide from Westinghouse Electric and Dr. Matthew Gilbert from AWE will be providing lectures on fuel manufacture, fuel performance modelling and nuclear forensics.

Do not hesitate getting in touch with us for more information.