PhD Opportunity: Tailoring the neutron flux in a research reactor to optimise the production of novel medical radionuclides

In nuclear medicine, radioactive material is used for the diagnostic and therapeutic treatment of disease, including cancer. The demand for radiotherapeutics is expected to increase significantly over the next few decades. The aim of this project is to optimise the production of novel medical radionuclides in a research reactor.


PhD Opportunity: Tritium Production and Fusion Power

This project would aim to investigate the feasibility of producing tritium on the industrial scale that would be required to support the deployment of fusion power so that FPPs would not have to breed their own tritium. The longer-term vision is for the UK to create a tritium production industry that could service both the UK and global FPP industry need. In the shorter term it is recognised that STEP, other UK and international small spherical Tokamak reactors and private fusion endeavours will need tritium supplies for their early year.


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