New Research Facility BULLET arrives at M-SParc

The Bangor University Lead Loop for Erosion/corrosion Testing

The Bangor University Lead Loop for Erosion/corrosion Testing (BULLET) has been delivered to Bangor University, M-SParc, by SRS in Italy this week. This new research facility will test materials in flowing, high temperature lead (Pb) to assess how materials such as those that comprise nuclear fuel components behave in lead-cooled fast reactor coolants and components for nuclear fusion power plants.

A photo that shows what the BULLET facility looks like.
The BULLET facility in M-SParc.

Prof Simon Middleburgh is working together with Westinghouse (in the Advanced Modular Reactor – AMR – program sponsored by BEIS) and the National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) as part of the Advanced Fuel Cycle Programme (AFCP) who have sponsored the programme to support the international effort in fast reactor technology that will reduce waste, improve efficiency and safety of nuclear power generation.

Next steps for BULLET

BULLET will be tested by the engineers from Italy and loaded with its first lead and test materials in the coming weeks.