AMR Workshop Resources

Bangor University’s Nuclear Future Institute (NFI) hosted a workshop on the 5th May 2021 to discuss the role that AMRs can play in the delivery of the Government’s plan. The aim was to bring together a diverse range of experts to explore how the UK’s past, present and likely future capability could be aligned to seize the SMR/AMR opportunity to address key energy and climate change issues that we face as a nation and as a planet.

A report resulted from this AMR workshop which is described on its own dedicated page. Click here to be taken to the AMR Report page.

Talk Title
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Introduction and Welcome to the Workshop
Welcome and Workshop Format

Workshop Aims and Target Audience

Session 1 Past UK Capability
The UKs High Temperature Gas Reactor Programme

The OECD Dragon High Temperature Reactor

Professor Juan Matthews
UK Experience in Metal Cooled Fast Reactors

Susan Ortner
Materials Test Reactor Support For UK Reactor Development

Session 2 Present AMR Situation
Mark Salisbury
What can we learn from 60 years of Gas Cooled Reactor operation?

Advanced Fission Reactors – Situation Report and Prospects

Alan Palin & Paolo Ferroni
Springfields and the Clean Energy Technology Park and Lead Fast Reactor Programme

Steve Wheeler
The UK's Fusion Programme

Session 3 Future AMR Opportunities
Michael Rushton & Shekhar Sumit
CoGen (including hydrogen production) for AMRs

Professor Robin Grimes
The UK's Advanced Modular Reactor Programme

Professor Tim Abram
U Battery

Nick Barron
Very High Temperature Gas Reactors
The Future of Metal Cooled Reactors in the UK

Graeme West
Digital Technology for AMRs