AMR & AGR Workshop 2021

Congratulations to Professor Bill Lee, Professor Andrew Sherry and all of the organisers who all were instrumental in making the AGR AMR Workshop a success.

The Nuclear Futures Institute would also like to thank all speakers and attendees for taking part in our workshop.

Following the workshop, the Nuclear Futures Institute will draft a report based on the contents of the presentations given. This report will then be circulated to the speakers, and the drafted report will then be sent to various decision-makers and policy influencers where we will make our recommendations on technology options, R&D, skills, infrastructure, licensing, and funding models to enable future technology demonstrations.

The workshop focussed on exploring the key questions that will shape the future of the nuclear industry and our roadmap to achieving Net Zero Carbon by 2050:

  • What are the priority technologies needed to accelerate the deployment of cost-effective AMRs?
  • How can the UK use its nuclear capability to enhance the decarbonisation of heat and hydrogen?

There were a myriad of topics covered during the workshop and the speakers did an outstanding job of sharing their expertise. We encourage attendees to reach out to each other and ask questions, so get in touch!

The joint enthusiasm of all attendees made for a very thought-provoking and stimulating workshop. The NFI is incredibly grateful for your comments and suggestions; we assure that we will give each consideration so that future workshops will be even more of a success.

We hope to see you all in the next AMR AGR Workshop!