New Publication: 30 Years of Safer Systems

“30 Years of Safer Systems” contains articles from the last 3 decades of the Safety Critical Systems Club (SCSC) newsletter “Safety Systems”.

The club is for engineers, managers and academics in the field of system safety across all industry sectors, so the articles in this volume offer a broad and historical coverage of safety topics, and give a unique insight into safety engineering over the last 30 years.

The book groups the articles into themes relevant to safety, with an introduction to the theme and a preface to each article giving major events from the year the article was first published, including accidents, incidents and positive improvements in safety. Themes include: Risk Assessment, ALARP, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Communication Failures, Safety Culture, ‘Black Swan’ events, Certification, Product Liability, Safety and Security Integration, Agile Methods, Data driven systems and Safety Cases.

Most of the original authors have provided a short postscript to their article to give extra context and explain progress in the intervening years.

This book will be of interest to practitioners, managers and academics working in the areas of safety-critical and safety-related systems.

30 Years of Safer Systems was co-edited by Wendy Owen of the Regulation & Policy Research Group.

The front cover of 30 Years of Safer Systems

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